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Are mobile network operators losing the battle for subscriber ownership?

Is the network operator-owned SIM card the final frontier in the battle for ownership of the subscriber relationship before we will see a truly globalised network of virtual network operators (VNOs) emerge? Just what is the potential impact of the … Continue reading

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How much longer until you can download your preferred Mobile Network operator from an App Store?

It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds… downloading your preferred Mobile Network operator as an application is closer than you think. Over the past 5 years alone we’ve witnessed an incredible shift in intelligence from networks to devices; a shift … Continue reading


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A Look Back at How Apps Have Shifted from Networks to Phones

Been giving some thought recently to how the proliferation of packet-based mobile networks coupled with increasing levels of capability on mobile phones has resulted in the balance of power shifting from telco networks to end-user devices. This is certainly not … Continue reading

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