Hi and Welcome to this blog!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit this site, which I hope might become an active forum for like-minded telecommunications futurists to share some radical thoughts, ideas and views of where we are headed.

And it’s not just the short-term, “next 5 years” stuff, that we’re interested in. It’s the long-term view; it’s looking at what telecommunications might be in the year 2050, or at the turn of the next century, i.e. 2100 and beyond.

If the future of telecommunications is headed where I think it’s headed, we might just be able to stick around and see if it pans out…!

With that introduction, I invite you to read my first posting – Foreseeing the impact of “Super-Convergence”.  Look forward to your comments!

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1 Response to Hi and Welcome to this blog!

  1. Jurgen Thoelen says:

    Interesting read…

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